SAS Syntax Highlighting in Sublime


I would like to be able to use Sublime 3 as my SAS text editor but cannot seem to configure Sublime to do so. I’ve visited and haven’t been able to actually get the SAS syntax highlighting to work in

Here’s what I did, I don’t have/know github so I downloaded the zip file as instructed and placed its contents in C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Packages\SAS. I closed sublime and reopened but don’t see SAS as an available syntax.

I’m sure I need to perform another step or two but I don’t know what.


Determined what the issue was, the ‘Packages’ directory where I installed Sublime Text 3 isn’t the exact directory where you need to place the SAS folder. As a doublecheck to ensure you are placing the SAS folder in the correct location open Sublime -> Preferences -> Browse Packages…, this is the location where the SAS folder should be placed. Once done you will see SAS syntax available under View -> Syntax.

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