Select and update the additional property of NgRx entity using component store


I have the below additional property

export interface MetricCreateState extends EntityState<UserSelectionListDto> {
    isLoading: boolean | undefined,
    isCreated: boolean | undefined,
    LoadConfigureMetric: boolean | undefined

Created a adaptor and initial property

export const adapter = createEntityAdapter<UserSelectionListDto>();
export const { selectAll, selectEntities } = adapter.getSelectors();

export const initialState: MetricCreateState = adapter.getInitialState({
    isLoading: false,
    isCreated: false,
    LoadConfigureMetric: false

I have a effect which load the data from the server side as

readonly getMetricOwners = this.effect((owners$: Observable<UserSelectionListDtoPagedResultDto>) => {
        this.setState((state) => adapter.setAll([], { ...state, isLoading: true }));
        return owners$.pipe(() => this.userServiceProxy.getUsersForSelection(undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined).pipe(
                next: (owners) => {
                    this.setState((state) => adapter.setAll(owners.items, { ...state, isLoading: false }));
                error: (e) => {
            catchError(() => EMPTY),

Over here I am trying to update the single property

this.setState((state) => adapter.setAll([], { ...state, isLoading: true }));

Is this is the correct way to set the additional property of the entity? and how do we select the particular additioanl property. For example

  • I want to update only isLoading
  • I want to select only isLoading


Not really, setAll also updates the entities collection

Replace current collection with provided collection – docs

If you just want to update isLoading, you don’t need to adapter because the adapter only handles the entities.

To update isLoading, you can simply do the following

{ ...state, isLoading: true }

or use the patch method of ngrx component store

  this.componentStore.patchState({isLoading: true});

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