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I am creating a form to allow users to upload their files. I am using Angular for the front end and Node.js/MySQL for the backend. However, I am getting an error. When I try to send file from Angular to Node.js, the file doesn’t get received. I read somewhere on stack overflow that one can send a file in the http headers. Can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong? Here’s my code:

xxxx.component.html (Angular)

<div class="input-group">
    <div class="input-group-prepend">
 <div class="custom-file">
   <input type="file" class="custom-file-input" [(ngModel)] = "fU" name = 
    "FileUpload" id="inputGroupFile01"
     aria-describedby="inputGroupFileAddon01" required>
     <label class="custom-file-label" for="inputGroupFile01">Choose file</label>

xxxx.component.ts (Angular)

private onCreatePosts(form: NgForm)
{'http://localhost:3000/post', form.value)
    .subscribe(responseData => {
    ,error => {
      this.connectionToServerFailed = true;

Node.js"/post", (req, res) =>{
var fileupload = req.body.FileUpload;

Here’s the output that I am getting when I try to upload a file:


I have tried different things, but still unable to progress any further. Can anybody tell me why I am getting this error of undefined and fakepath.

EDIT: When I try to access the file, it only prints the path not the file. The angular Http request is only sending the path of the file not the file itself.
EDIT: Editing this question again so, that somebody can help. EDIT: I have tried working with a lot of different things but nothing is working for me. The node.js is only getting the path of the file, not the file itself.


Files will not be part of the request out of the box; they have to be stored temporarily on disk or in memory in Node.js. Try something like multer:

Answered By – Leo Vinogradov

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