Smart-table search in table is not working


I try to display my data in a “smart-table”, I use Restangular and data loaded to table very good, but search is not working(no data in table after query), Im new in angular(and in web too lol) and currently I realy don’t know how to fix it. Below is my code and code from example(working correct).
I will be very grateful to your advice.

My code(search is not working):

'use strict';

  .controller('ItemsCtrl', function ($scope, Item) {
      $scope.items = Item.getList().$object;

‘Item’ from app.js:

.factory('Item', function(ItemRestangular) {
    return ItemRestangular.service('item');

Code from example(search work correct):

'use strict';
  .controller('ItemsCtrl', function ($scope) {
    $scope.items = [
       {firstName: 'Laurent', lastName: 'Renard', birthDate: new Date('1987-05-21'), balance: 102, email: ''},
       {firstName: 'Blandine', lastName: 'Faivre', birthDate: new Date('1987-04-25'), balance: -2323.22, email: ''},
       {firstName: 'Francoise', lastName: 'Frere', birthDate: new Date('1955-08-27'), balance: 42343, email: ''}

html page:

        <tr ng-repeat="item in items">
            <td>{{item.firstName | uppercase}}</td>


If you post total smart table part in html, I can help you more effectively.
If you would like to use search function on smart table,

You need refer smart table module like this.

angular.module('NewApp', ['smart-table']);

And You should use st-search directive in input tag under st-table directive.
Please confirm.

<table st-table...>
    <input st-search="" .../>


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