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I want to group my files before to upload them by extension(The extension can not be defined in the mime type attribute defined by the upload infos. So I used groupBy defined by angular-filter and instead to put an attribute(‘’ for example) to the filter Im using a function to get the extension.
So I want my pre-loaded files appears like this:

  • Extension1:



  • Extension2:



This is my EXAMPLE

Also my code:

    <li ng-repeat="f in files | groupBy: fileExtension" style="font:smaller">

$scope.fileExtension = function(file) {

Any suggestion is appreciated!


I would transform your list of file names into a list of file groups inside of an ngController or service. Binding to this transformed collection becomes trivial in the view.

$scope.groups = groupByExt(filenames);

function groupByExt(filenames) {
    var extensions = [];
    var groups = [];
    angular.forEach(filenames, function(item) {
        var extension = item.substring(item.lastIndexOf(".")+1);
        if (!extensions[extension]) {
            var group = { name: extension, files: [] };
            extensions[extension] = group;

            group.files.push({ name: item });
        else {
            var group = extensions[extension];
            group.files.push({ name: item});
    return groups;


    <li ng-repeat="group in groups">
        {{ }}
            <li ng-repeat="file in group.files">
                {{ }}


You can also set up $watchers so that when the original filenames list changes, it updates the file groups:

$scope.$watchCollection('filenames', function(newVal, oldVal)    {
  if(newVal !== oldVal) {
      $scope.groups = groupByExt(newVal);


I would avoid filters because filters should not change the references of the underlying items (infinite digest issue)

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