SQL query, select nearest places by a given coordinates


I have $latitude = 29.6815400 and $longitude = 64.3647100, now in MySQL I would like to take the 15 nearest places to these coordinates and I’m planning to do this query:

FROM places
WHERE latitude  BETWEEN($latitude  - 1, $latitude  + 1)
AND   longitude BETWEEN($longitude - 1, $logintude + 1)

Do you think it’s correct or do you suggest something else?

How to do the BEETWEEN, since I want to search trough a maximum of 50Km range the near places?

I forgot to say that I can also use PHP for do anything before to run the query.

Note: I can’t use stored procedures.


here’s the PHP formula for calculating the distance between two points:

function getDistanceBetweenPointsNew($latitude1, $longitude1, $latitude2, $longitude2, $unit = 'Mi') 
   $theta = $longitude1 - $longitude2;
   $distance = (sin(deg2rad($latitude1)) * sin(deg2rad($latitude2))+
               (cos(deg2rad($latitude1)) * cos(deg2rad($latitude2)) * cos(deg2rad($theta)));
   $distance = acos($distance); $distance = rad2deg($distance); 
   $distance = $distance * 60 * 1.1515;

     case 'Mi': break;
     case 'Km' : $distance = $distance * 1.609344; 
   return (round($distance,2)); 

then add a query to get all the records with distance less or equal to the one above:

$qry = "SELECT * 
        FROM (SELECT *, (((acos(sin((".$latitude."*pi()/180)) *
        sin((`geo_latitude`*pi()/180))+cos((".$latitude."*pi()/180)) *
        cos((`geo_latitude`*pi()/180)) * cos(((".$longitude."-
        as distance
        FROM `ci_geo`)myTable 
        WHERE distance <= ".$distance." 
        LIMIT 15";

and you can take a look here for similar computations.

and you can read more here


you have to take in mind that to calculate longitude2 and longitude2 you need to know that:

Each degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles (111 kilometers) apart. The range varies (due to the earth’s slightly ellipsoid shape) from 68.703 miles (110.567 km) at the equator to 69.407 (111.699 km) at the poles. This is convenient because each minute (1/60th of a degree) is approximately one mile.

A degree of longitude is widest at the equator at 69.172 miles (111.321) and gradually shrinks to zero at the poles. At 40° north or south the distance between a degree of longitude is 53 miles (85 km).

so to calculate $longitude2 $latitude2 according to 50km then approximately:

$longitude2 = $longitude1 + 0.449; //0.449 = 50km/111.321km
$latitude2 = $latitude1 + 0.450; // 0.450 = 50km/111km

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