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I’m using Angular ui-router and have a resolve function set up for one of my states, before the controller is initialized. I retrieve some data, loop through and match it up the URL stateParam, and if a match is found, resolve the promise to the controller and return that object in the promise. That’s all working well.

However, if a match isn’t found I simply want to redirect to a different state by rejecting the promise and running $state.go('state');

Simply this:

$state.go('state',{params: 'param'});

But this doesn’t seem to do anything. The controller just hangs, and I get no console errors or anything. Any ideas?

This question apply to verion 0.xx, many things have changed in version 1.xx


ui-router is supposed to throw a $stateChangeError if a route resolve is rejected. You need to watch for this event, and trigger your state transition there.

As per the wiki:

$stateChangeError – fired when an error occurs during transition. It’s important to note that if you have any errors in your resolve functions (javascript errors, non-existent services, etc) they will not throw traditionally. You must listen for this $stateChangeError event to catch ALL errors.


As @gustavohenke mentioned in the comments, a good place to put this handler is your app’s primary .run() function.

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