Strange validator behaviour in AngularJS 1.5.11


Our application is still using AngularJS 1.5.11 but I’ve tested the included example also with version 1.7.2 and get the same results.

The problem is the strange behavior of the validateNumber function. The validation seems to be flipping between true and false for each character typed. The validateMin and validateMax functions are working as expected.

The example code can be found here:

Any insights as to why this is happening?


It seems that the regular expression is at fault here. When using

var numberRegexp = new RegExp("^[-+]?\\d+(" + (decimalSeparator === "." ? "\\." : decimalSeparator) + "\\d*)?$", "i");

the problem disappears. So it seems that the original “g” flag should not be used.

Answered By – Kees de Bruin

Answer Checked By – Clifford M. (AngularFixing Volunteer)

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