Syntax higlighters for RPG And CLP that generate HTML and/or RTF?


I found that has a nice bunch of syntax highlightes that generate HTML.

But they don’t include RPG or CLP.

So: anyone who knows a syntax highlighter for RPG or/and CLP that generates either HTML or RTF?

Some more references


I’ve had the same need for awhile and finally bit the bullet and created an RPG mode for the Ace Editor. You can see it here. I also modified the Ace “Tomorrow” theme to have more RPG features.

I was going to fork/pull the Ace Editor and add this, but they have a more laborious contribution scenario so I haven’t taken the time to do that yet.

Been using it for browser-based code documentation. See below.
enter image description here

Another option is using VSCode. They added a feature to the latest version that allows copying the source from VSCode and pasting it into the medium of your choice (presentation, email, etc) fully marked up with syntax coloring. Couple that with the VSCode RPG Syntax plugin and you have a winning solution.

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