Testacular does not run e2e test


Once again I have problems running my angularJS e2e test with testacular. This time the output is

Chrome 23.0: Executed 0 of 13 (skipped 13) SUCCESS (0.117 secs / 0 secs)
info: Disconnecting all browsers 

no test are run, here is my config file.

basePath = './';

files = [

autoWatch = false;

browsers = ['Chrome'];

singleRun = true;

proxies = {
    '/': 'http://localhost:8080/'


Ok guys, here is a solution for this problem. I posted this question in angular google groups and here is the link: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/testacular/fumqhOAEH3s it was a bug and it is fixed by the author.

Answered By – Adelin

Answer Checked By – Pedro (AngularFixing Volunteer)

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