TOC Heading not working if heading not clear


I got TOC function like this
but this only work if the heading tag is clear
I mean like this

<h1>this will work</h1>

but when I add some class or Id or everyting inside <h1> the list wont appear
example <h1 class="test">This list wont be appear cz I have class</h1>

Can we ignore the class so heading will be appear on list??

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {

function TableOfContents() {
var toc = "";
var level = 0;
var container = document.querySelector(container) || document.querySelector('#contents');
var output = output || '#toc';

container.innerHTML =
        function (str, openLevel, titleText, closeLevel) {
            if (openLevel != closeLevel) {
                return str;

            if (openLevel > level) {
                toc += (new Array(openLevel - level + 1)).join('<ul>');
            } else if (openLevel < level) {
                toc += (new Array(level - openLevel + 1)).join('</li></ul>');
            } else {
                toc += (new Array(level+ 1)).join('</li>');

            level = parseInt(openLevel);

            var anchor = titleText.replace(/ /g, "_");
            toc += '<li><a href="#' + anchor + '">' + titleText
                + '</a>';

            return '<h' + openLevel + '><a href="#' + anchor + '" id="' + anchor + '">'
                + titleText + '</a></h' + closeLevel + '>';

if (level) {
    toc += (new Array(level + 1)).join('</ul>');
document.querySelector(output).innerHTML += toc;
<div id="toc">
  Table of Contents

<div id="contents" class="blog-contents">
  <h1>this is h1</h1>
  <h2>this is h2</h2>
  <h1 class="test" id="myid">why this section dont appear?</h1>

please check the example
I have 3 heading
two working fine, but one is not workig cz I’ve add class and Id


Using regular expressions to parse HTML is never a good idea. Below I created a little snippet, demonstrating how the job can be done by using document.querySelector() and Element.prototype.querySelectorAll(). A single Array.prototype.reduce() then equips the headings with a suitable id attribute and also assembles the html for the table of contents:

.reduce((a,h)=>{" ","_");
  a.push(`<li class="l${h.tagName[1]}"><a href="#${}">${h.textContent}</a></li>`);
  return a;}, [] ).join("\n")
.l2 {margin-left:20px}
.l3 {margin-left:40px}
.l4 {margin-left:60px}
.l5 {margin-left:80px}
.l6 {margin-left:100px}
#toc { border: 1px solid grey;
       padding: 6px }
H1,H2 { margin-bottom:400px }
<div id="toc">
  Table of Contents

<div id="contents" class="blog-contents">
  <h1>this is h1</h1>
  <h2>this is h2</h2>
  <h1 class="test" id="myid">Why won't this section appear?</h1>

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