ui-router doesn't load states


i have little problem with my code:


live version is available on http://erdem.pl/#/

Problem is that after deploying it on my server routing doesn’t work. ui-router not even trying to load template or controller into ui-view. Application starts and configs are fired (tried with console.log). Even resolve option in home state is fired (PostService). But somehow it cannot load template. If i access template manually:


it is there. The same with controller. If anyone have any ideas please let me know. It happened after deploy. Before that on my local machine it seems to work fine but now after getting project again and deploying it on my local it has the same error.

There is no JS errors or any network errors.

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I’m not completely sure, but I think the issue is with the host you’ve set in your config.js file? This should be pointed to the public link for wherever your api lives. Should it be “http://erdem.pl“?

I’ve also noticed that Restangular doesn’t seem to be sending your requests. I see that the execution gets into the RequestInterceptor, but I don’t see them in the Network tab of my developer tools. This means that your promises from your resolve properties on your states will never be resolved. Your states are configured to wait for these resolve requests to resolve before initializing the controller and loading the template.

EDIT: I think I found the issue!

Looks like Restangular is only compatible with Lodash 3.10, anything after that causes compatibility issues. Downgrade to 3.10 and hopefully it works for you!

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