Update multiple elements with different value in Mongoose


I have document containing lists. Lets say they are:

  _id: 52b37432b2395e1807000008,
  name: ListA,
  order: 1,
  desc: 'More about List A'
  _id: 52b37432b2395e1807000009,
  name: LISTB,
  order: 2,
  desc: 'More about List B'
  _id: 52b37432b2395e180700000e,
  name: LISTC,
  order: 3,
  desc: 'More about List C'

Now I want to change their order field using a batch update. I have a JSON of updated_stage order

var updated_stage = [{_id: '52b37432b2395e1807000008', order:2},{_id: '52b37432b2395e180700000e', order:1}, {_id: '52b37432b2395e1807000009', order:3}]

Now I need to update LIST Model in Mongoose with the new array that I have. I know that I can update multiple documents with same value using Batch Update

Model.update({ }, { $set: { order: 10 }}, { multi: true }, callback);

But I have to update them by different values. How should I do it? Whats the most efficient way?


The most efficient way I could think of is to run a forEach loop over your updated_stage array.

Now take the _id and update order in the existing document in MongoDB.

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