Upgrading from ui-router legacy to 1.0.18, causes unknow error. How to fix or debug?


I’m upgrading from pre 1.x to 1.0.18 and i’m getting the following error

Transition Rejection($id: 5 type: 5, message: The transition was
ignored, detail: “undefined”)

When using $location.path() to change the URI or when using $state.go('statename'), and the statename is actually the current state. The current state i can fix. But how can i debug, why the $location.path() causes the error. The strange thing is, on initial load, it does load all states.



Apperently $location.path causes two ‘state changes’. This results in the error Transition rejection, the transition was ignored.

As a solution we’re only catching transition errors 4 (Transition invalid) and 6 (Unknown transition error).

Answered By – Samantha Adrichem

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