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I’m trying to write an IDE for the iOS and I stumbled on a problem. I of course wanted to be able to do syntax highlighting, but I have no idea how I have to get this to work.

I have been googling over a month now, but I haven’t found anything useful. Most libraries are C++. That I find no problem, I know enough of C++, but they all use the Boost libraries and I heavily doubt if it’s easy to install them on a jailbroken iOS device, or even compile them for the iOS on the Mac.

So I come here for help. What should I do? Should I use a PHP syntax highlighter, which always colors the whole document? Should I write a syntax highlighter my self, that doesn’t use the Boost library? Or does somebody here know another library, which can be used on the iOS?

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i have a simillar problem about syntax highlighting, but i prefer to solved it using UIWebview than using core text, because that is a different pixel in rendering text in core text and UITextview (in my problem i was using a core text view that cover by uitextview), and then i try to solved using uiwebview, even i’m still on developing but i can say that it is better using uiwebview than core text, maybe you can take a look at this link it is an open source code, but it develop using javascript.

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