Vim: customize tex equation highlight


How do I force vim to highlight the following environment:

  2 + 2

the same way as

 2 + 2


i.e I want the dmath environments (in its plain and starred versions) to be highlighted the same ways as the equation (plain and starred) environment.

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I pasted your question into Vim, :setf tex, and then used the SyntaxAttr.vim – Show syntax highlighting attributes of character under cursor plugin to find out that the corresponding syntax group name is texMathZoneES.

Then I opened $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/tex.vim and searched for it. I didn’t find that directly, but something like this:

call TexNewMathZone("E","equation",1)

Then I looked up :help ft-tex-syntax (completed from the command-line via <C-D>), and found under :help tex-math a nice documentation. With that, I created the following solution:

call TexNewMathZone("M","dmath",1)

You can put that into ~/.vim/after/syntax/tex.vim, as suggested, to make it permanent. Easy, isn’t it?!

Answered By – Ingo Karkat

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