what is your suggestion for a simple javascript editor with code completion?


could you please let me know about good IDEs available for javascript programming?

I am looking for a no-frills, simple editor focussing primarily on the below functionalities –
a) syntax highlighting
b) auto-suggest for code completion

Note – I use windows 7, and have tried Aptana Studio. I do not want editors as powerful as aptana..something like simple looking notepad++, with a feature rich code-completion algorithm would do.

If this question is off topic, I apologize.



Well I guess after a lot of googling, I’ve found the best solution to my own question 🙂

Here’s what I think is the best Javascript IDE: CODELOBSTER IDE

1. Code-autocomplete
2. Syntax Highlighting
3. Not just JS, the above two features are functional for PHP, xHTML, CSS..!!
4. Did I mention its FREEEEEEEEEEEEE….?

Guys, let me know how you find this software.

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