Why is my Bootstrap column not staying on the right side with the same setup on some pages?


On two pages I have the same setup with a column of 75% width and a right side column of 25% width.
On this page everything works fine (the column with the calendar is on the right side): https://maciunmacies.valoda.lv/izglitiba-diaspora/metodikas-skola-pupa

But, for example, on this page the column with the calendar suddenly jumps down below (it didn’t happen before and I didn’t change anything):

So I have no clue. Maybe someone could help me understand why the pages are behaving this way?
Thank you!


It seems like on the second page you have mistakenly put the second column outside of the row class. see the two images first page HTML and second page HTML

Answered By – Awronno Adhar

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