yo angular-fullstack:endpoint message does not generate message.socket.js


yo angular-fullstack:endpoint shopPacket does not generate shopPacket.socket.js

I tried to update yo angular full stack generator but still does not work

yo angular-fullstack:endpoint shopPacket
? What will the url of your endpoint be? /api/shopPackets
   create server/api/shopPacket/shopPacket.controller.js
   create server/api/shopPacket/shopPacket.events.js
   create server/api/shopPacket/shopPacket.integration.js
   create server/api/shopPacket/shopPacket.model.js
   create server/api/shopPacket/index.js
   create server/api/shopPacket/index.spec.js```

it should generate

create server/api/shopPacket/shopPacket.socket.js

like before
is there an option I need to add in order to produce it like
this link:

OS version/details: macos mojave 10.14.4

Node version: 10.15.1

npm version: 6.4.1

Version of yo : 2..0.5


socket.js file was not generated as the last angular-fullstack does not use socketio but changed by primus so I’ve installed the last version of angullar full stack with a lot of broken changes.

Answered By – Lilian Bideau

Answer Checked By – Pedro (AngularFixing Volunteer)

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